Introducing the Band:

Pv & The HeheheeeY´s is an indie/pop/rock band from Bergen, Norway. They´re out with their brand new EP, Eye Say II, released the 12th of August 2018! This is the second in a collection of total 4 Eye Say EP´s. The last few years they´ve been focusing on studio work, although they also have been doing som gigs together. Leadsinger/guitarist PV Staff is doing an average of 340 gigs a year mostly on his own. The drummer, Iver Sandøy, has also been joining the famous world touring metalband Enslaved. Erlend Eidsvik, the keyboard player, is busy exploring Africa and the bassplayer, Morten Arnetvedt is busy bying new basses. It has been a Hell of journey since their debut in 1999, but the band is still going strong and are more sharpened and hungry then ever before!

Band members

Pv Staff - Guitar/Vocals
Morten Arnetvedt - Bass
Erlend Eidsvik - Keyboards
Iver Sandøy - Drums